Check out Jon’s Interview on “Being Ordinary”

By Jon Bernie

Here’s what the creators of “Being Ordinary” have to say about their website and podcasts:

Being Ordinary is a website created by two friends, Tom and Mike, and is dedicated to the expression and exploration of what it truly means to be a human being. Ideas such as Enlightenment, Awakening or Self-Realisation, often serve to distract us from the ordinary and mundane from which we assume we must  escape or transcend. Yet if seen clearly, simple and directly, the ordinary can lead us into total acceptance and end the search for something ‘extra’.

Regarding this podcast: “Mike speaks with Jon Bernie whose awakening at the age of 16 ignited a spiritual journey exploring  Zen, Vipassana and Advaita.  He studied with teachers such as Jean Klein, Robert Adams, Papaji and Adyashanti who in 2002 asked Jon to teach.  Supported by the Clear Water Sangha Jon offers regular classes and retreats in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.”

Here’s the link to the podcast: