What Is Inspired Aliveness?

Inspired Aliveness ® is a unique and integrated approach to inner consciousness development, self-healing, and transformation. It is also the lifetime work of Jon Bernie, a spiritual teacher and former Zen monk ordained in the lineage of Suzuki Roshi with over five decades of practice in the Zen, Theravada Buddhist, and Advaita traditions.

Jon offers online gatherings, retreats, and occasional in-person events. Whether you work with him online or in person, you can expect a dynamic, highly engaged process that can support the awakening and flowering of consciousness in your own life and practice. 

At its core, Jon’s work can reveal how your habitual patterns of doing and thinking disconnect you from the sense of Inspired Aliveness that is always, already available. The result is greater ease, healing, and transformation in multiple dimensions of your life, relationships, and spiritual journey.

Jon’s work has no rules, no dogma, and no followers. He seeks to de-mystify the rigid and highly spiritualized beliefs, concepts, and practices that can get in the way of simply being here and being human. 

Jon helps you be you, allowing the fullness of what you are to come into the light of conscious clarity and to express itself uniquely and authentically through you.

If you ever attend one of his gatherings or retreats, you’ll discover that Jon’s approach is like jazz: spontaneous, electric, and conversational. There is no easy way to outline or capture it in words, since the “teaching” is constantly changing and adapting to the needs of each moment. 

As Jon emphasizes, the process of spiritual growth and transformation really happens by itself, but it’s possible to cooperate with this process by how we give and cultivate attention. 

By gently attuning to how the energy of awareness unfolds through your mind, body and nervous system, a sense of Inspired Aliveness emerges spontaneously and by itself — free of beliefs, identities, and conclusions.

Through Jon’s guidance, you can gradually learn to step out of the driver seat and let go of the compulsive habits of fixation, avoidance and control that get in the way of what is and restrict the full expression of who you are.

Awareness of what is typically reveals all the conditioned parts of your humanity, bringing trauma, unresolved emotional issues, and unmet needs to the surface.

As part of that unfolding, it’s natural to want to avoid the conditions that cause suffering. At the core of Jon’s work, however, is the invitation to encounter these parts of yourself fully and honestly — and with openness, tenderness, and humanity.

Inspired Aliveness is about stepping into the life you’re living, embodying what arises, and the freedom to live and express the human condition without getting totally lost in the worries, drives, and challenges related to survival.

With dedicated practice, this approach can enable you to see past the self-defense mechanisms of your survival programming and liberate you from painful patterns of belief, thinking, and identity that prevent you from living an inspired, happy, and fulfilled life.

In Jon’s work, practice has no goal. True practice is a deep listening and attunement, a way of cultivating attention and developing greater sensitivity to your own being. It’s a kind of bio-energetic entrainment that allows you to be fully present and authentically engaged with what is. 

As Jon often says, practice is about getting out of the way of what’s working. And while he emphasizes the dynamic and multidimensional nature of practice, it does have some core aspects that you are likely to encounter at gatherings and retreats: