Online Gatherings With Jon Bernie

Are you yearning to live more fully? Or to discover the wholeness of who you really are?

If so, we invite you to join us for the next Inspired Aliveness ® Online Gathering.

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Inspired Aliveness gatherings and retreats offer a unique and integrated approach to inner consciousness development, self-healing, and transformation.

They also reflect the lifetime work of Jon Bernie, a spiritual teacher and former Zen monk ordained in the lineage of Suzuki-roshi with over five decades of practice in the Zen, Theravada Buddhist, and Advaita traditions.

Jon is a master at meeting each person where they are, and helping them to uncover the healing that they need in that moment.
Kevin M

Whether you work with him in person or online, Jon’s work is a dynamic, highly engaged process that can support the awakening and flowering of consciousness in your own life and practice. 

Jon helps you be you, allowing the fullness of what you are to come into the light of conscious clarity and to express itself uniquely and authentically through you.

If you ever attend one of his gatherings or retreats, you’ll discover that Jon’s approach is like jazz: spontaneous, electric, and conversational.  

Through Jon’s guidance, you can gradually learn to step out of the driver seat and let go of the compulsive habits of fixation, avoidance and control that get in the way of what is and restrict the full expression of who you are.

Jon’s teachings have allowed me to tune into presence, and discover that presence is not dead, static, or absent, but actually unfolding, emerging, and alive.

Inspired Aliveness gatherings are about stepping into the life you’re living, embodying what arises, and the freedom to live and express the human condition without getting totally lost in the worries, drives, and challenges related to survival.

With dedicated practice, this approach can enable you to see past the self-defense mechanisms of your survival programming, helping to liberate you from painful patterns of belief, thinking, and identity that prevent you from living an inspired, happy, and fulfilled life.

I felt like I was … coming home to my own loving heart. I was no longer abandoning myself.

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