California nonduality retreats

  • Start Fresh!

    Since it’s a new year, we need a fresh start, internally and externally. And what we are always discovering on this journey is that a fresh start is really what this path is about. Recorded 1/6/2020 in San Francisco.

  • Empty Your Mind and Be Transformed

    To receive the truth, you must become empty. So we learn to allow the emptying of the vessel of our conditioning, until the vessel itself dissolves into light, into presence, connection, being — and we surrender to that. We realize this is what’s really happening. Not some idea of life, but every moment — right…

  • Trust Your Vulnerability

    Find calm and healing in this relaxing, mindful living Podcast by Adyashanti-lineage teacher Jon Bernie.  Let go of living in the mind and be happy! This podcast on self discovery was recorded at the San Francisco, California satsang on October 07, 2019. Hear other satsang talks on mindful living, spiritual healing and finding happiness by…