Clear Water Sangha

  • The Way of Healing and Transformation

    The way of healing and transformation is not something that you can achieve or understand, yet it is revealed as you relax and simply get out of the way. Recorded 12/18/2022 in San Francisco.

  • Honor Yourself by Being Here

    You honor yourself by being here. It’s a gift that you give yourself, to show up and be present. Recorded 1/8/2022 in San Francisco.

  • True Surrender is Enlivening

    True surrender is enlivening. It’s energizing. It’s empowering. Because you’re letting go of being who you think you are, as awareness slowly, over time, becomes more embodied in your tissue, in your mind, in your heart. That’s the purpose of our life from awakening on. Recorded 12/4/2021 in San Francisco.

  • Clarity is What We Need

    Authentic, unique inner guidance is available to each one and every of us, all of the time. The question how often are we really aligned with it? How often are we authentically listening, seeing, feeling, and deeply, intuitively knowing that?

  • The Beginning of Understanding

    Awakening is the beginning of understanding what practice is. As you bring attention to what is, and you’re not in the way, then naturally, miraculously, consciousness merges into matter and you become more and more radiant, more free, and your life becomes more and more amazing. Awakening is the beginning of the path, and life,…

  • The Cause of All Suffering

    Beliefs are the cause of all suffering. So pay close attention to what you believe. A useful belief might get you to where you are, just don’t let it be the prison of your eternal unhappiness, but rather the gateway to your freedom.

  • Stop, Tune In and Listen

    Keep your mind open and free of any conclusions. Ask deeply within yourself, or into your true connectedness: “May I be open and clear to receive what is being given.” When you are filled and touched with grace, with presence, with what we call the transmission of the Dharma, that’s exactly what’s happening. And all…

  • Beyond the Teachings

    When you sit, stop, and tune in, you’re entering an infinite realm of discovery and possibility. So what you think about it, the beliefs you have about it, what you’ve heard about it – all that can go into the background, so that you can actually begin to see, and feel, and be available, fresh,…

  • The Secret Way to Freedom

    The secret way to freedom is to allow yourself to become intimate with the unconscious struggle that is programmed into you. It’s a struggle you don’t even necessarily know you have until you stop, eliminate as many distractions as possible, and actually pay attention to how conditioning has been literally imprinted into your nervous system,…

  • The Natural Movement of Awareness

    Enlightenment and awareness are happening naturally. That’s what brought you here, that movement within you. Natural healing is nothing more than the process of awakening and becoming liberated. A flower growing in a garden has its own wisdom that produces that beautiful blossom and that wonderful fragrance, and you are exactly like that rose. Recorded…