Healing Our Hearts

By Jon Bernie


If you’re aware of awareness, it’s like being in a beautiful breeze at the ocean. You just let it in, let it waft through you. Wonderful. That’s the sort of ultimate spiritual teaching when that’s in your field, when that’s present. Nowhere to go, nothing to do. And if you’re, you find that you’re resisting or hurting in some way, unhappy, unfulfilled, then you can explore that in infinite ways. That’s how we humans over thousands of years have discovered all kinds of healing options for our mind, for our bodies, for our hearts. And healing is the same as the seed sprouting and as your being enlightened. It is exactly the same natural movement. So of course if you learn how in a balanced way to facilitate your healing on any level, you will naturally evolve spiritually. Recorded at Santa Cruz, CA meditation gathering with Jon Bernie on 02-10-2018.

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