Healing with the Practice of Presence

By Jon Bernie


Self-healing Podcasts by Jon Bernie. “Amid the post-traumatic stress of bad news these days, it takes more effort to be available.  It takes work to be conscious.  It takes even more effort to be intimate with reality, because reality can be pretty difficult to accept.  As you open more deeply, there is a realm of acceptance that has no opinion.  That is a trusting, integrated connection to the life force itself, which is from our human perspective completely unknowable.  It is just open aliveness.”

“You are healed when you are truly open, and giving and receiving unconditional love. Regardless of whether you are healthy or not, whether your disease or illness has gone away!  The truth is you are healed because you are connected— you are aligned with the ecosystem of life itself.  By being present, by being available to what is happening in your experience, you begin to step out of the way of being in control, and healing naturally starts to happen.  Here is the good news:  the side-effect of self-healing is spiritual awakening and enlightenment.”

Recorded at Santa Cruz, California satsang on 04-13-2019.  Uplifting podcasts for spiritual awakening, self-healing, mindfulness, unconditional love. www.jonbernie.org