The Space of Listening

By Jon Bernie

Wanting other people to change is actually a very interesting realm of resistance. We think it’s about them, but it’s really a trip we lay on ourselves. When you eventually learn how not to lay a trip on yourself, then pretty soon you’re not laying a trip on anybody else either. That doesn’t mean you can’t offer something or be supportive — in fact you may then become more helpful than before. You become the space of awareness and listening — that’s more helpful, though the results may not be what you expect!

So be the awareness, and then the listening will be very deep. Everyone needs that kind of listening; in suffering we’re craving that kind of listening, wanting that reconnection. And that listening can actually provide that. It can even support someone in dying. The greatest support you can give to somebody in dying is to be complete openness.

Satsang is really the space of listening, and as each so-called individual deepens into listening, you can feel the awareness deepen and expand, and letting go happens all by itself.