Meditation In Action

By Jon Bernie


Meditation in action is a spiritual practice you can do all the time or whenever you feel like it. Enjoy this beautiful satsang talk that could be used as a guided meditation on letting go, undefended love, awareness and attention, dissolving the false sense of self so that real connection, creativity, happiness, healing and unconditional fulfillment are naturally present.  Enlightenment is a side effect! When you face the infinite there can be fear of falling into an abyss. There can be a wall known as the “dark night of the soul”. But once you have been filled with the aroma of the divine, there is no going back!  Recorded at the San Francisco, California satsang on March 11, 2019.


“You can practice what we used to call meditation in action all the time or whenever you feel it.  What does that mean?  It means you can become fully present even if you are an attorney in a courtroom with high mental functioning.  Even if you are a concert violinist playing in front of three thousand people, or taking out the garbage, or cleaning the kitchen.  Even right now, as you read these words.  You could be completely free right now.  Nothing is stopping you.  Just a thought called me.  Drop the “I”, drop the “me”, and you will discover that when we look at each other, we are completely connected.  You might notice some resistance, some sense of your own projections and fear around letting go.  That’s natural.  Become a lover of the ecstatic, experience the thrill of letting go.”

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