nonduality podcasts

  • Return Back to Presence

    We are continually learning to return back to presence regardless of where we get stuck.  This podcast on self discovery was recorded in San Francisco, CA. on 09-09-2019.    Find calm and healing in this relaxing, mindful living Podcast by Adyashanti-lineage teacher Jon Bernie.  Hear other satsang talks on mindful living, spiritual healing and finding…

  • The Retreat Right Now

    Retreat is when you plant a seed in the fertile ground of mindfulness and attention — with as much tenderness, compassion, patience and open-mindedness as possible — letting go of the compulsion to compare, to analyze, to make conclusions and judgments about yourself and others. It’s amazing how much lighter you become when you let…

  • Intimacy of the Heart

    Intimacy is the union of being with another without the filter of “me”. It’s a closeness, a heartfulness, an empathetic sensitivity. Even though we may not have conversed, we know each other profoundly. That’s really the depth of relationship that we seek.

  • Questions that Release You

    “What will it take to dissolve your mind’s control? Freedom is the absence of the thought called ‘I’. So find the questions that release you, that relax you; that allow opening to happen.” Recorded 1/4/2016 in San Francisco.