zen podcasts

  • Arriving at the Oasis

    The Oasis is where you are nourished, but it’s also where you are broken down; and where you are healed; and where you are liberated. Over and over and over, however much it happens, you’re always finding it. You’re always re-arriving here. Recorded 4/10/2017 in San Francisco. www.jonbernie.org

  • A Little More Joy

    The draw to become spiritually free is often just have a little more joy, a little more enjoyment, a little less angst. Can you find that moment, even right now, where you’re not seeking, not trying, not resisting? Can you let go, just for a moment? It feels good, doesn’t it? Recorded 3/7/2016 in San…

  • The Essential Energy of Transformation

    Every moment is the beginning of the journey. When you wake up, there is not endpoint called “enlightenment”. There’s just this closeness, this intimacy of connection. No one to defend. Opening is a natural, mysterious movement; and what we learn from a human perspective, is how to let it move in the direction it’s moving.…