Taking Time to Restore Yourself in the Open-hearted Beingness Beyond Words

By Jon Bernie


Taking Time for Yourself in the Open-hearted Beingness Beyond Words | Jon Bernie Embodied Awareness podcasts

“Won’t it be wonderful when we can do this without any words? Just our open-hearted beingness, unprotected, connecting. Because in that space, everything is already known.”

“Sometimes, you need time for yourself to get clear. You know, we mix our energies all the time with other people, other people’s energies, and this is why we also need the sanctuary of our own solitude at times, to really clear in all the ways, and get grounded and opened and refreshed, quite frankly. Restored. Otherwise it can get too cluttered. Too many notes at once make noise.

When you really discover it, and how important it really is for you then it’s not an obligation or an ask or, “I have to meditate” or some trip you have to lay on yourself, no, it’s like going to Lordes. It’s like going to the Holy Land.  It’s where you are going to find healing, your sanctuary. And then when you realize that, nothing is going to get in the way of that.

And it’s not a big deal, not a heavy trip, it’s just simple. It’s very Zen. Sleep when tired, Eat when hungry. We can get so distracted and so scattered in our lives that lose track of what’s really important.

One of the natural movements of it working is that you’ll find yourself happier. More joyful, less burdened in your heart. Because letting go is lighter. Unburdened is lighter. That’s what enlightenment means–is lighter. Emanating light. it’s not something that we do or accomplish or figure out. It is just the nature of all … of everything. All matter, fundamentally, is energy. It’s too far out to understand; it’s incomprehensible. But it’s true.

Every moment is an infinite new experience — an infinity opening up. And you are absolutely, integrally one with that. Always have been, always will be.”

www.jonbernie.org  Recorded at the San Francisco, California satsang on January 22, 2018.

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