Dissolving Into Light

By Jon Bernie

To awaken is to dissolve in one place and simultaneously appear everywhere. Awakening can also be called being presence, being energy. Karmic arisings, whatever their nature, are fuel for dissolving. So rather than resisting, or fighting, or arguing with what is—instead of all that, simply accept what is. Receive what is, allow what is. Become what is.

Now there’s no separation between perceiver and perception—there’s simply being perception. There’s just listening, just observing, just feeling. There’s just thinking. And you allow this gestation to happen, you allow this growth, as painful—or ecstatic!—as it might be.

The good news is you don’t have to understand how it works for it to work. Being here is enough. All you have to do is learn to allow yourself to cook. To be dissolved into light. To appear everywhere simultaneously. That is freedom.


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