Simply put, Jon is the real deal.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t know if I had ever fully occupied my body or felt my emotions fully, without judgement or stories, before I met Jon and worked with him one-on-one. I first found Jon Bernie in 1995 as I was struggling with depression, anxiety and a lack of trust in myself and life.

Other teachers and other practices had been helpful and meaningful (or not!) as I journeyed on a path to release past trauma, find self-acceptance and connect with a purposeful life of service. But none have had as profound an impact for good as has Jon. Individual work with Jon has shown me how to open to conscious awareness of my embodied experience in the present moment. That it is safe, and a completely natural process. It’s from here— this state that already is enlightened — that authentic trust flows. It’s the source of healing and the foundation of Jon’s presence and teaching. This I’ve learned to turn to and return to as touchstone and truth.

Jon is as loyal, compassionate, skilled and true a teacher and friend as I’ve known. My trust in who Jon is and what he offers is deep and well-tested over many years. Simply put, Jon is the real deal.