It is as if every part of me has come Home.

This was my first retreat with Jon and I am super grateful for these 3 days of deepening into Stillness. Through following and applying Jon’s clear pointers and listening with an open mind, I found a whole new landscape opened up within via realms of body and spirit that were completely new and fresh!
I found Jon’s heartfelt compassion and ‘beyond’ unconditional presence combined with his gift to meet us all exactly where ‘we are’, incredibly valuable and nourishing. I just love Jon’s ability to include everyone and everything…nothing is rejected. I feel Seen, recognized and encouraged!
Jon’s authentic warmth, clarity and intuitive insight has inspired and embraced me. It is as if every part of me has come Home. Thank you Jon from All of me!

I want to extend a very warm thank you to Jon and the volunteers for giving this wonderful opportunity to join together in the silent celebration of who we Truly are. A gift beyond value!!