The Clarity of Your Essential Being

By Jon Bernie


Find calm & healing in this relaxing, mindful living podcast by Adyashanti-lineage spiritual teacher Jon Bernie. Let go of living in the mind & be happy!

The Clarity of Your Essential Being

As you arrive fully and become more intimate with the clarity of your essential being, you’re really just here. You’re not living in the mind. You utilize the mind for whatever it’s needed for, but it’s not where you reside.

“Here” is the end of knowing. The end of the knower; the end of the one who understands. Now there’s just being understanding. That’s when you’re just here. You’re not coming from, or going to. There’s a planted, grounded, open, spacious, loving, appreciative, human reality.

Tell the truth. Why? Because you need to. Your heart needs to. Your body and spirit need to. That’s why we lose the now, lose the presence. We’ve gotten caught up in the tangle of the condition, and it’s a web of fog that obscures the sun. But even though it’s foggy, you can feel the sun up there. Presence is the same. Even though you’re not aware of it, that doesn’t mean you’ve lost it, doesn’t mean you’re off track.

Life — and reality! — is a constant rebalancing. Nature is always finding a balance, within and without. Within your own body, your mind, your heart, your nervous system, your energy system — and the external so-called world. When you begin to understand that, more and more deeply and profoundly, you begin to trust in a way that gives you permission to tell the truth.  This podcast on spiritual healing and mindful living was recorded at the Santa Cruz, California satsang on July 13, 2019.

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