The Dirt on Spiritual Teachers

By Jon Bernie

“Enlightened” teachers are perfect, right? You must be kidding!

Do you believe that awakening to your true nature will somehow perfect your human nature? That awakening is like some kind of magic trick? Presto change-o and voila: parking is automatically available, even on Russian Hill in San Francisco; you are instantly floating in financial abundance; all your health issues disappear and your love life is profoundly fulfilled on all levels; and in general, everything you expect is immediately delivered to you on a silver platter. No more thoughts, no more reactions, no more judgments, no more emotions; no more eating, sleeping, illness & dying — the human experience has now been successfully transcended, thank you very much! Every moment is totally awesome mind-blowing bliss… NOT!

Are you seeking perfection in yourself, in others, in your teachers? Sorry! Awakening doesn’t lead to human perfection. Rather, it leads to the total acceptance of our humanity, however it is. The “perfection of being”, as it’s often described, is simply the nature of awareness. It’s pure energy, the fundamental essence of everything. And we are that energy. When alignment with that reality happens — when perception is no longer filtered or projected onto by our beliefs — then true vitality and Aliveness become possible. Then we can truly enjoy being alive. What else is the point of it all?


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