Tikal Gathering – Finding Your True Sanctuary


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1 hr. 34 mins

In this unique offering inspired by a journey to the ancient Mayan ruins at Tikal in Guatemala, Jon invites you to embark on a pilgrimage back to yourself and to discover the true sanctuary that's alive within you.

This powerful gathering, never before released publicly, is a master class in the core aspects of Jon's work: coming out of knowing and believing, giving yourself the attention you need, and accessing true healing and wisdom.

Infused with the energy of Jon's trip to the rainforests of northern Guatemala, these talks and dialogues mix teaching, practice, and storytelling into a rich transmission of consciousness.

Topics From Jon's Talks
  • Places that are alive with energy
  • The energy vortex that is right here
  • Learning to stop
  • Noticing without identity
  • Coming out of the knower and the believer
  • How to offer attention
  • The way to truly love yourself and others
  • Breath as the doorway to consciousness
  • Inner wisdom is accessible to everyone
  • What wisdom is not
  • The energy of Tikal
  • The dense soup of consciousness
  • The pilgrimage to self
  • Finding your true sanctuary
Topics From Jon’s Dialogues
  • Where to place attention
  • True practice brings us back to openness
  • Paying attention without anyone paying attention
  • How to be open with people who aren’t open
  • Self-healing heals others
  • You are the sanctuary
  • True meditation is never torture
  • We all have natural healing ability
  • The importance of body work
  • Placing attention on what terrifies you
  • Patience is necessary in practice
  • You need all the help you can get
  • Letting in the most important thing for you
  • Love what needs attention
  • Open to the one who needs
  • Consciousness is forever
  • The joy of hanging out
Quotes From This Gathering
When you truly learn to stop – not restrict, but to cease action without any will or control – then the presence and the beauty and the vitality and the true meaning of life is revealed. Honestly it’s simple.
Notice the terrain you’re inhabiting right now without the commentary of the judge and the believer and the knower. Come out of those identities and simply offer attention to what’s present in you now.
Ask yourself: What is it I don’t want to feel right now? And that’s where you put your attention. Gently. Without any attempt to change what is.
It can’t be different than how it was. It can’t be different than how it is. It can’t be different than how it will be. Longing is always in the present moment. It is to be experienced in the now, whichever way it unfolds to our so-called future.
Relax. You’re not in control. You’re not making it happen. You’re not getting liberated and enlightened and healed. Those are things that are happening despite your resistance. Suffering is fighting that which is trying to heal you.
Inner wisdom – the true guiding light and force of existence, the real truth, the real way – is accessible to everyone. One simply needs to learn how to tune into it. And most importantly, recognize what it is not.