Walking Through the Fire: Bringing Consciousness to the Trauma of Existence


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1 hr 34 mins

What would it be like to allow your deepest pain without struggle or avoidance? In this inspiring series of talks and dialogues, Jon invites you to encounter the intense energies of emotional upheaval with tenderness and humanity.

To walk through the fire, you must see through your unconscious defense mechanisms, beliefs, and agenda and become fully available for what is.

Freedom involves what you're going through. It involves all of it with consciousness, with love, with overwhelm, with breakdown, with wanting to run away.

Through touching personal stories and one-on-one interactions, Jon reveals the importance of honoring yourself — allowing you to be you — even through life's most challenging circumstances.

Topics From Jon's Talks

  • Learning to honor yourself
  • Just be this energy, don’t think about it
  • Be kind to the one who’s trying
  • Don’t just groove in the bliss
  • Walk through the fire
  • No end to being human
  • Boredom is an avoidance
  • Hard is the doorway

Topics From Jon’s Dialogues

  • Husband with Parkinson’s
  • Being on the ocean in rough surf
  • There’s no blame for not being present
  • Trust in this connection
  • Bringing consciousness to the trauma 
  • We can’t hold on to existence
  • Becoming more conscious of the darkness
  • Gut energy reorganization
  • Belief that I’m doing it wrong
  • Contraction as a defense mechanism
  • Recognizing self in others
  • Everyone’s afraid of the infinite
  • Feeling deep void, emptiness
  • Paradox of feeling peace and confusion
  • Coming out of the mental realm
  • Permission to be real
  • Descriptions are not reality

Quotes From This Gathering

Being here helps. It’s like a fire where you can warm your hands if you’re cold. Or like a hot bath when your bones are aching. And you can just soak, and let go.
The awareness of the struggle is what facilitates the transformation, not your attempt to be transformed.
It’s essential that you not only allow yourself to be human, but that you learn what being human truly is.
Notice if there’s a place you can perceive that is simply open, spacious, allowing attention that has no agenda, no beliefs, no struggle.
We can’t hold on to this existence, but we can keep deepening into consciousness, into love and connection.