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  • Where Are You Right Now?

    Rather than looking outside ourselves, we begin to see that every moment is another opportunity to receive the unique teaching that is being freely offered. This podcast on self discovery was recorded at the Santa Cruz, CA. satsang on 09-14-2019. Hear other satsang talks on mindful living, spiritual healing and finding happiness by subscribing to…

  • Healing with the Practice of Presence

    Self-healing Podcasts by Jon Bernie. “Amid the post-traumatic stress of bad news these days, it takes more effort to be available.  It takes work to be conscious.  It takes even more effort to be intimate with reality, because reality can be pretty difficult to accept.  As you open more deeply, there is a realm of…

  • You Are The Garden

    You are not living in your mind anymore.  The mind becomes a helpful resource whenever you need it.  It becomes your friend rather than your tormentor, your judge, your critic, your executioner.  What comes with this awakening is a profound trust in the life force.  You are the garden, and you are flourishing.  Recorded in…

  • Where We Are Going

    Let’s cultivate the human perspective that is healthy and supportive rather than the old, abusive, beating-ourselves-up-because-we’re-not-good-enough approach.  The old way is where we are coming from.  I am teaching where we are going.

  • Realign with the Life Force of Your Being

    The new year is a beautiful symbol:  a fresh start.  Let’s try again.  And yet when you are on this path, and you are in alignment with it, you realize that fresh start is in every moment.  Recorded in San Francisco, CA. on 01-07-2019.  For more content visit

  • Healing Our Hearts

    If you’re aware of awareness, it’s like being in a beautiful breeze at the ocean. You just let it in, let it waft through you. Wonderful. That’s the sort of ultimate spiritual teaching when that’s in your field, when that’s present. Nowhere to go, nothing to do. And if you’re, you find that you’re resisting…

  • Life Is The Answer

    Letting go is always scary, until it’s bliss. At some point, as more is revealed to you in this opening of presence, what emerges through your whole being is profound trust. You will start to traverse that fear/bliss movement, and it’s scary, but intuitively you find your balance. You can’t push it, it’s a natural…

  • Ongoing Revelation

    People sometimes go on retreat or come to Satsang and have a difficult time, and they think “I didn’t really get enough Shakti” or, “I don’t feel any different”. But usually you figure out how you are on your path over time; not at the end of your retreat, or when you had your big…

  • You Are The Music

    Excerpts from the recent day long retreat in Tiburon, CA. on 09-22-2018.

  • Already Are

    We are learning to let go of judgements and conclusions – to be vulnerable in the unknown – and to see the profound trust that we are. There is no need to perform or have to be somebody. Recorded in San Francisco, CA. on 09-03-2018.